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  • ICHRA Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements let employers fund an account for each employee.
  • Low Income SEP Plans for those who qualify as low-income individuals and families and qualify for a subsidy.
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Health Insurance 101
We’ve outlined everything you need to know before diving into the health insurance shopping period. Now is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge.


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  • Glossary Insurance terms, made simple. Definitions of common phrases that are important to know for understanding health insurance coverage
  • FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions about eligibility, enrollment, member support and more
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The Friday Rundown

Friday Diabetes Benefits and Coverage


Diabetes is a significant problem in the United States, affecting one in ten or 37.3 million people. One in five people who have diabetes don’t even know they have it. You or someone you know, or love could already struggle with this condition.

Diabetes Self-Management Training for the Qualified Participant will include the development of an individualized management plan that is created for and in collaboration with the Qualified Participant (and/or family) to understand the care and management of diabetes, including nutritional counseling and proper use of Diabetes Equipment andHave

The Health Benefits of Reading Books


"If you’re looking for some magic in your life, open up a book.” — Unknown In a world full of binge-worthy Netflix series, a never-ending amount of Tik Tok videos to scroll through, and constant news alerts to keep up with, why would we need books? It’s easy to entertain ourselves with our phones, laptops, and other electronic devices—plus,

Why Walking Outside is So Good for You

Spring is in the air! It's getting warm, and the days are getting longer again. (Finally!)

With cold days being numbered, it's a great time to get outside and get more vitamin D by going for a daily outdoor walk. And it makes you happy

What’s an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a statement you get from your health insurance company after you receive healthcare. It is not a bill. It explains which medical treatments and services you received, how much of it was covered by your Friday health plan, and how much you may owe.

Remember, an EOB shows what you may owe your provider, not your health insurance company. Always wait for the invoice from your doctor or healthcare facility before paying for services. How do I see my EOB?

Who Needs Health Insurance?


Buying health insurance is something that may not be on top of everyone’s minds. It is a common misconception that not everyone needs it or it is only available through an employer. Young people or people who are confident in their health may feel like they are in their prime and do not need to buy it. So, who needs health insurance?

Quick Guide to Mental Health Definitions

Do you feel like you lack some understanding when it comes to mental health? Mental health is crucial, and we want to help you better understand it. Here are some quick definitions:

Mental health Ways to Help Your Mental Health