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14 Family-Friendly Activities to do this Spring

With warmer weather on the rise, why not take advantage of some fun activities in the sun? No matter where you live, you should be able to take advantage of a few of things like taking a walk in the park and watching the stars.

  1. Go outside to a local park or in your backyard and play. Enjoy the weather and get some vitamin D.

Dance in April showers or sunbathe on a beautiful day. We all need time outside, even for a couple of minutes a day. It reduces stress, improves your mood and focus, helps you heal faster, and can even make you age more gracefully! Got a 15-minute break? Get some fresh air. Allocate an hour in the evening to watch the sunset at the park. You can enjoy this with your family, roommates, partner, furry friends, or alone!

Playtime outside is essential for kids and it’s great for you too because it gets you vitamin D, makes you active, aids with developing executive function, boosts your imagination, and more! Take yourself on a walk. Explore your neighborhood or a new area. If there are hiking trails nearby, visit them, and bring wagging tails if you have them! Check out All Trails, an app designed to help you find the perfect hike near you. Do you have a bike? Take it for a spin. Sun and movement are good for the soul and your health. Check out reasons like helping your joints and improving your mood here.

We all know that being cooped up inside during the winter months can sometimes take a toll on our mental health. Now that the weather is getting warmer, getting outside is a great way to rid yourself of excess energy and help to improve your mental health.

2. Blow bubbles

You are never too old for a bit of fun. Entertain the kids or your friends with some bubble magic. You can also get health benefits from this activity! Blowing bubbles promotes deep breathing, can help with anxiety and stress relief, and childhood development. The best part? They are a cheap fun activity that is entertaining and ALSO can have great benefits for everyone involved. Check out a dollar store nearby and stock up.

3. Build a birdhouse and leave out supplies for your local birds to build nests

Into crafts? Birdhouses are an affordable item you can create while giving back to the wildlife in your neighborhood. You can also leave out things like sticks, grass, leaves, and more! Make sure you research what bird species are around and use where you live. Get started on your bird journey here. Might as well do some bird watching while you are at it too!

4. Take advantage of free events in your area.

Many cities and areas host free events like concerts, art walks, and children’s activities for residents and with more people getting vaccinated, you should be able to start enjoying them again. Check out your county’s website or do a quick Internet search. Take a couple of friends or the kiddos. You might learn something or make new friends.

Not sure where to start? Check out the app Eventbrite. This handy tool can help you find everything from local concerts to art walks. You can enable your location to check out what’s happening in your area. You can also check out All Events in City, an app that lets you choose categories and view events on a map! Either way, there are sure to be things going on that you can check out.

5. Do a nature photoshoot.

Gather some of your pals and take a field trip to a park or nature area near you to take turns snapping cool pics. Pose in front of or on a cool rock. Hang from a thick tree branch. Dip your toes in a creek. Braid flowers in your hair. The possibilities are endless. Once you’ve taken all the photos, try out the free app PicMonkey to edit and perfect your snapshots. Your Instagram will thank you

6. Fly a kite.

Pull that kite out of your closet and dust it off, or visit one of your local department stores and take advantage of those spring windy days. Watch it fly beautifully in the air. Again, you are never too old for fun and flying a kite can do things for your health too! Some benefits include eyes stimulation, neck/shoulder exercise, stress relief, and fresh air. Never look at a windy day the same again.

7. Visit a farmer’s market.

What’s better than fresh produce and buying from local farmers and artisans? With spring weather comes delicious crops and fun for everyone involved. Even if you just walk around and window shop, we are sure you will have a great time. You can even use it as an opportunity to teach your kids (if you have them) about agriculture or learn a thing or two yourself.

8. Plant a garden or flowers.

If you have a backyard or patio, or are looking to expand your indoor plant collection, spring is the time to plant and sit back to watch the growth. Visit Walmart’s garden section to treat yourself to a cute succulent or buy affordable supplies you might need! You could purchase fresh produce or beautiful blooms. Gardening also has surprisingly great health benefits like helping you burn calories, boosting your mood and self-esteem, helping you create better eating habits, and improving memory function.

9. Visit your local garden/conservatory/zoo.

Have you been meaning to visit the beautiful botanical garden in your area or take an educational field trip to the zoo? What better time than spring? Take advantage of these outdoor public spaces to enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife. Many of these organizations offer discounts or have free days! Take advantage of deals while you are at it.

10. Stargaze.

Take advantage of a clear night to enjoy the stars. Read up beforehand or simply bask in their gentle light. Live in the city? Take an evening drive outside of town with your family. Not sure what to look for? Here is a beginner’s guide to stargazing. Stargazing is both educational and good for your health. It can get you out into nature, relieve stress, and spark your sense of creativity and wonderment at our amazing universe.

11. Bake or cook with your windows open.

Take advantage of the spring air when you are inside, too, and bless those passing by with the fantastic aromas of baking bread or cooking dinner. Just because you are inside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good weather. Not sure what to prepare? Check out this list of scrumptious spring baking ideas to fill your bellies with goodness.

12. Go camping.

Set up in your backyard, put a blow-up mattress in your car, or pull out your tent! You can go local or take a trip. Either way, build a fire and roast some marshmallows. Not sure where to start? Friday has a beginner’s guide to camping here.

13. Treat yourself to a self-care day.

Have you been feeling stressed and overworked recently? Why don’t you give yourself a little TLC? Snuggle up with a book, soak in a hot bath, practice journaling, take some time to meditate, or enjoy a coloring book. Your mental health is essential and it’s important to take time for yourself and things you enjoy. Here are a number of tasks you can do for self-care if you’re looking for guidance. Friday Health Plans is also proud to offer free mental health resources to our members! Learn more here.

14. Try something new.

Do you have something you have been dying to try? What better time than to push your comfort zone and bring in some new experiences? What about that new ice cream place around the corner? The park 20 minutes away that calls your name? The roller-skates you bought but have not used yet? Want to take that yoga class finally? The options are endless. Why wait? Get out and try something new!

Friday Health Plans supports you in having fun and taking care of your mental and physical health. Remember, Friday Health Plans has your back, whether you want to take care of your allergies before you get outside, or any other health needs.

You can always reach out to the Friday Care Crew with any questions about your plan, benefits, or services. We hope that you have a wonderful spring.