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Five Tips for Utilizing Your Friday Plan for a Healthy Heart


Heart disease is the number one leading cause of death in the United States, and many Americans struggle with heart health as early as 20 years old. February marks Heart Health Month, and Friday is here to tell you ways to be proactive about your heart’s health! Read on for tips, information, and ways your Friday health insurance coverage can help.

1.  Get Active

Try to get 20-30 minutes of exercise daily, even if it means walking around the neighborhood or stretching before bed. Try to increase your heart rate when exercising, but you don’t have to do something too strenuous. Moving your body helps your heart’s ability to pull oxygen out of the blood, lowers blood pressure, and more.

2.  Eat a Health and Nutritious Diet

Eat a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Avoid eating too many junk foods or sweets. Eating healthy helps your body function better and can prevent heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. The same is true for controlling cholesterol, which is bad for you and your heart if consumed in large quantities, and fatty foods contain harmful cholesterol. Check out our blog on nutrition, including recipes and tips for eating well.

3.  Avoid Drinking and Smoking

Drinking alcohol can be ok in moderation, but limiting your consumption is best for your overall health. Drinking excessively can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, or even stroke.

Similarly, smoking is bad for your heart’s health. Smoking can cause buildup of plaque in your blood vessels which can cause clots in your heart or weaken your heart overall.

4. Know Your Family’s History and Work with Your Doctor for Preventative Measures

You may have noticed that every time you see a new doctor, they ask about your family’s health history. This is to understand your treatment needs better and take action towards preventing poor health spanning generations when possible. It’s important to talk to your parents and family members to understand what you may be predisposed to.

Knowing if heart disease, high cholesterol, or other heart issues run in your family can prevent the same problems from happening to you! Family history means a higher risk, so you may need to be vigilant in your preventative measures.

How Your Friday Health Plan Can Help

Your Friday Health Plan is a great tool to help you keep on top of your health, including preventative care and treatment for heart issues. As always, be sure to talk to your doctor about what they think would be best for you and disclose any concerns with them. Here is what your plan includes:

Taking care of your heart is essential to your overall health. Have any questions or concerns? Contact the friendly Friday Care Crew today!