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Halloween Safety Tips

halloween blog

Halloween is just a few days away. Whether you have kids who are trick or treating this year or are handing out candy, here are some safety tips to ensure it’s a fun and spooktacular time.

Tips for the Little Ones (under 12)

  • Carry glowsticks or flashlights, use reflective tape or stickers on costumes/bags, and wear bright colors to help kids see and be seen by drivers.
  • Make sure an adult accompanies them.
  • Slow down and be alert. We know this can be challenging. Kids want to get as much candy as possible and are in a hurry but remind them to pay attention.
  • Tips for Drivers: On the flip side of this, be sure to turn on headlights early in the day to ensure you can see any excited kiddo who darts into the street.
  • Remind kids to cross the street at crosswalks.
  • Make sure costumes fit layers underneath if cold, fit well to avoid tripping, and use safe face paint.
  • Avoid costumes with full face masks when possible- these can limit vision.
  • Limit pointed props for the extra young kids to avoid safety hazards.
  • Pin a piece of paper with the child’s name, address, and phone number in case of separation.
  • Inspect treats before eating. Discard anything that isn’t sealed and choking hazards. Make sure that anything that will trigger allergies is removed.
  • Ration the loot. You don’t want your kid to go into sugar overload and if you ration, you can enjoy the candy over the course of the year.
  • Bring water and prepare for your route ahead of time.

Tips for Teens 

  • Set ground rules. Whether restricting the route or county, imposing a curfew, or other restrictions, it’s good to discuss to ensure they stay safe, even if they’re more responsible.
  • Have them check in with you.
  • Let them know they’re safe to call you if they are in trouble.
  • Ask them to keep away from strangers.

Tips for the Candy-Givers

  • Clean up – remove hazards, such as garden equipment and toys.
  • Lights on if you’re giving out candy,lights off if not.
  • Control your pets. Kids can scare a pet, and you don’t want the cat getting out or a child to get bit.
  • Give out safe candy – make sure it’s not expired, sealed, and even consider healthier alternatives (albeit less fun).
  • Don’t let trick or treaters into your home.

Tips for Hosting and Going out as an Adult

  • If you’re hosting:
    • Don’t serve alcohol to minors.
    • Only invite people you know.
    • Never leave candles unattended.
    • Make sure there are designated drivers, and your guests are safe.
    • Try to ensure stress is minimal for your pets.
  • If you’re going out:
    • Drink responsibly.
    • Make sure you have a buddy
    • Take a ride-sharing service or designate a sober driver for the night

Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year! We hope you have a good one. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Friday Care Crew or email