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Keep your kids insured for less

Is keeping your kids on the company health plan costing more than it needs to? Switching to a child-only Catastrophic Plan* could save you a lot of money in the long run, while providing the right level of coverage a youngster needs

What is a child-only health plan?

A child-only plan is a health insurance policy where no parent or guardian is covered and the policyholder is 18-years-old or younger. The child (or children) is the only one on the health plan, which can often have a pretty nice price tag!

Many times, mom or dad are on a health plan from work that either won’t cover children or  has a high price tag because the employer doesn’t cover any of the monthly costs. Sometimes companies offer an expensive health plan with rich benefits to employees, which may be great for the parent but isn’t really needed for a healthy child. Whatever the case, a child-only plan could be a great, cost-effective health insurance solution, saving the family money and covering kids with healthcare benefits they’ll use the most. In particular, a Catastrophic Plan would be the most wallet-friendly health plan for your kiddo.

Save money with a Friday Catastrophic plan

A Catastrophic plan is actually offered to anyone under the age of 30. With a Friday Catastrophic plan, your child can look forward to enjoying a range of wallet-friendly health benefits. For example: a free eye exam, unlimited $0 Teladoc appointments, and $0 well check-ups and vaccines.

Below we’ve provided a quick rundown of our child-only Catastrophic plan benefits and services. If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly Friday Care Crew at We’re here to help!

Three free visits each year with your child’s pediatrician

Your child can visit an in-network pediatrician three times a year for $0 with the Friday Catastrophic plan, No copays and no need to hit your deductible.

We want to make sure your kid can see the doctor whenever they’re feeling under the weather. Whether it’s a sore throat, nagging headache, or that weird toenail thing, they can get checked out by your doctor at no cost. These three free pediatrician visits are in addition to a free annual check-up appointment that comes with every Friday health plan.

Remember to make sure your pediatrician is in the Friday network. We have a strong network of excellent pediatricians, and you can find all of them here at the Friday doctor search.

Unlimited $0 virtual visits using Teladoc

Get your little one care without leaving your home or spending a cent. Given the comfort and ease of telehealth appointments, all of our plans feature unlimited $0 virtual visits with Teladoc, a healthcare service that allows you and your child to speak with a doctor by phone, web, or mobile app 24/7.

What does Teladoc treat?

Teladoc is designed to handle a wide-range of non-emergency illnesses, like sinus problems, respiratory infection, allergies, urinary tract infection, the cold, and flu symptoms. Importantly, Teladoc also now covers $0 mental health visits.*

Teladoc doctors can prescribe medications and will let you know if your child needs to see a doctor in-person or follow up with any additional visits.

Free annual vision exams

The Friday child-only Catastrophic plan comes with a free annual WellVision exam for kids. Booking an appointment for this check-up is fast and easy. Simply visit, find a close and convenient eye doctor (they’re all in-network), and schedule an appointment.

Free ACA preventive drugs and vaccines

Your child will have access to a wide-range of Affordable Care Act (ACA) preventive drugs and vaccines to stay healthy year-round. You can get these done at your pediatrician’s office or through a Friday pharmacy:

Free coverage for children’s preventive health services

Friday’s child-only Catastrophic health plan covers dozens of ACA covered preventive screenings and services at $0. This includes everything from blood screenings for newborns to behavioral assessments for 17-year-olds. You can see the full list below, at the ACA health insurance exchange.

Ready to start shopping? Get a quote today.

As always, please get in touch with our Friday Care Crew with any questions at We’re here to help clarify things and help you find the right health plan that fits you and your child best.

*Counseling services only.