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Reach Your 2023 Wellness Goals with Your Friday Health Plan

We know, we know, you’ve probably seen a dozen New Year's Resolutions articles, telling you how to get healthy and in shape during the new year. 

Don’t worry...we won’t get into all that. These are just a few ways that your Friday Health Plan can help you achieve your health and wellness goals as you pursue your best self in 2023!

As always, if you have any questions about your plan or benefits, please get in touch with our friendly Friday Care Crew. We’re here to help you get the most out of your Friday Health Plan! 

Get your mind right in the new year with $0 mental health counseling

At Friday, we know that your mental game is just as important as your physical well-being. But we also know the prospect of finding and seeing a therapist can be daunting.

We’re incredibly proud to offer unlimited $0 in-network mental health counseling on many plans.* With a network of excellent mental health experts in your community -- including licensed therapists, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and more -- you can get counseling as much as you want, when you need it, for $0. No referrals needed.

* On our Silver, Gold and Bronze Plus or Rx Plans

You also have access to $0 Teladoc Mental Health Visits!

Speak with a doctor 24/7 by phone or video for $0 with Teladoc on ALL Friday plans! Not only can you use Teladoc when you’re feeling under the weather, but we include $0 Teladoc mental health visits so you can speak with a mental health professional from the comfort of your own home.

Set your health goals with your annual wellness exam 

An annual wellness exam -- also known as your yearly check-up -- is a free comprehensive preventive exam with your primary care doctor. It includes certain preventive tests, screenings, and vaccinations. It’s also great for discussing your health history and 2023 wellness goals with your doctor who can make referrals and recommend any further tests that need to be done.

This visit is free with every Friday Health Plan. And while you can get it done anytime of the year, we suggest getting it done sooner than later. There are few better and simpler ways to set the tone for your 2023 health than your annual wellness check!

Still looking for a primary care doctor? Visit our provider search and find one near you. 

Stay healthy this year with $0 generic prescription drugs

Put that wallet away. Get $0 ACA drugs and most plans also get $0 preferred generic drugs. View Friday’s prescription Rx resources page to see what generic drugs you can get at no cost or under $30.

Find a specialist to take care of that nagging health problem

Whether it’s that pain in your lower back that just won’t go away or that new mole you’ve been meaning to get checked out, you can pick from a network of expert specialists in your community. Visit the provider search to find the specialist that best fits your needs. 

Best part about seeing a specialist? No referrals required with your Friday Health Plan!

Be sure to review your health plan’s services and benefits on your member portal to find out the cost of seeing a specialist. This coverage varies by plan, so please also feel free to reach out to our Friday Care Crew if you need clarity on anything or have questions. 

Simplify how you manage your health insurance by going digital

In 2023 we’re stepping up our tech game to make things easier for you. Get everything you need, all in one place at the Friday Health Plan Member Portal, where you can easily manage your plan, view claims and ID cards and make payments. 

You can also download the Friday Mobile App— designed to keep things simple with one-tap access to your account, as well as resources from our team of health plan experts. Learn more about the mobile app!

Have questions about your 2023 Friday Health Plan? Contact the Friday Care Crew at