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  • ICHRA Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements let employers fund an account for each employee.
  • Low Income SEP Plans for those who qualify as low-income individuals and families and qualify for a subsidy.
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We’ve outlined everything you need to know before diving into the health insurance shopping period. Now is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge.


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Why is health insurance important


Buying health insurance is something that may not be on top of everyone’s minds. It is a common misconception that not everyone needs it or it is only available through an employer. Young people or people who are confident in their health may feel like they are in their prime and do not need to buy it.

So, who needs health insurance?

The answer is simple. Everyone needs health insurance. We aren't just saying that because Friday sells health insurance plans, we genuinely believe it. It's a lot less expensive than you think and worth it. Here are three reasons why you need health insurance.

1. Not Having it Could Bankrupt You

While the idea of having to pay for insurance each month sounds like a drag, you could end up paying much more if you got into an accident or had a medical emergency. You may think to yourself that you will get better soon, and you’re never sick, so it’s fine. But is it worth the risk? Here is some food for thought– without insurance, most medical procedures cost more than the average American's annual median household income. Even if you are in great shape and eat well, you don’t need a torn ACL or appendectomy to set you back financially for life.

If you are still worried about the monthly cost, you should see if you qualify for a subsidy by visiting our subsidy page. Most people who buy health insurance on the health insurance marketplace qualify for a subsidy, so don’t miss out. You may be surprised that you qualify, lowering your monthly payment substantially. Definitely check it out.

Household Income to Qualify for Health Insurance Subsidy

If you were recently laid off, you may qualify for financial assistance and save considerable money on your health insurance compared to the continuing health insurance offered by your employer.

2. Get Preventive Care and Take Care of Yourself Year Round

All ACA compliant health insurance plans, including Friday Health Plans, come with a free wellness exam and preventive care. This includes blood work, mammograms, vaccinations, colonoscopies, your general checkup— free to you.

Having a primary doctor and going to doctor regularly can also help detect any major illness down the road and a trip to the ER. It's important to be proactive about your health, not just reactive. Did you know many Friday plans now have unlimited $0 primary care? Yep! You read that right. You’ll be able to visit your doctor stress-free and avoid diagnosing yourself at home because you are worried about paying a hefty bill later. We all know what a headache Web MD can cause for anything you may look up.

3. Benefits for Your Overall Wellness

Here at Friday Health Plans, we like to offer additional benefits that will help you live your happiest and healthiest life. Many of our plans now have $0 mental health visits and will include options for virtual doctor appointments because we know how busy life can be. We believe mental health is an essential healthcare priority that’s just as crucial as your physical health. We also offer members a variety of additional wellness extras that will be sent to your inbox once you sign up.

Ready to get health insurance? The Open Enrollment Period for 2022 is November 15 - January 15 and you can purchase health insurance for coverage. Find more details about the state you live in on or view our plan offerings. Friday is going to be offered in 5  states for 2023- so find us near you!

As always, please contact the Friday Care Crew with any questions about your health plan.