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Prescription Drug Resources

We’re Making Prescription Prices Easier to Swallow

Explore Your Drug Coverage

Search the prescription list to see what’s covered. Note: Prescription search (formulary) is subject to change.

Find a Pharmacy Near You

Search the complete list in one place. Use “Ctrl F” to find pharmacies by zip code, name, and more.

View Pharmacy List

CO Pharmacy Names 11.2.2022.pdf
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Find a Pharmacy Near You by Downloading the Capital Rx App

Capital Rx is Friday Health Plans pharmacy partner. Find prescriptions and pharmacies near you by downloading the Capital Rx app and setting up an account You can even calculate medication costs!

To register for the app:

  1. Download it or visit
  2. Fill in your personal information, click “validate,” then complete the credentials form and click “create an account.”
  3. Check your email for the verification code and enter it to validate your account.
  4. Registration should be complete. Login and use their pharmacy search to find one near you!
Major Pharmacies in Your State

As a Friday member, you have access to your prescriptions through a number of popular pharmacies. These include but are not limited to:

costco logo
CVS logo
Albertsons logo
Walmart logo
Safeway logo
Walgreens logo
City market logo
King soopers logo

If you don’t have your ID card, show the pharmacy this information:

RX BIN: 610852 
RX Group: JD27 

Sign up to receive your prescriptions at home through Walmart

Skip the line at the pharmacy and get mail-order prescriptions (often at a more affordable rate) through Walmart. 

Fill out the Walmart Mail Order form with your personal information, prescription information, and Friday plan details. Once you’ve filled it out, you can send it to Walmart via email, fax, or mail.

Additional Resources

Diabetic Supply Coverage

The following diabetic supplies are covered at $0 cost share and not subject to a deductible for Colorado Option Standardized Health Benefit Plans only.  For coverage under the Pharmacy benefit, please see the formulary look up tool above.

Supply definition

Coverage Benefit

Syringes w/needle

Medical / Pharmacy

Antiseptic swab/wipe, alcohol, Iodine

Medical only

Blood Glucose Monitors

Medical / Pharmacy

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor

Medical / Pharmacy

Blood Glucose Test Strips

Medical / Pharmacy

Lancet Devices

Medical / Pharmacy


Medical / Pharmacy

Glucose Control Solution

Medical / Pharmacy


Medical / Pharmacy


Medical / Pharmacy


Medical / Pharmacy

Urine Ketone test or strip

Medical only