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2023 Individual Plans

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  • Catastrophic Plans for those who are under 30 and in need of basic coverage.
  • Bronze Plans with higher out of pocket costs but lower monthly premiums.
  • Silver Plans with a lower deductible but a higher monthly premium.
  • Gold Plans with the lowest possible deductible but higher monthly cost.
  • Compare plans
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  • Health Network Find hospital and urgent care locations in the Friday Health Plans network.
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Health Insurance 101
We’ve outlined everything you need to know before diving into the health insurance shopping period. And with Open Enrollment around the corner, now is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge.


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  • Glossary Insurance terms, made simple. Definitions of common phrases that are important to know for understanding health insurance coverage
  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about eligibility, enrollment, member support and more
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Get the Most Out of Your Health Plan

The Friday Member Go Guide is here to help you understand how to make the most of your plan. Follow the steps below to learn about all benefits you have as a Friday member (and even save some money). Then you take the money and time you’re saving and go somewhere fun. DEAL? 

Set up Friday Member Portal and Mobile App

From finding doctors and hospitals in your network, to making payments and viewing your claims, it’s all on the Friday Health Plans Member Portal. And for those of you who’d rather do all this stuff on your phone, we made an app too.

Ready to dive in? First, you need to complete your registration.

Video: Learn how to set up and navigate your Friday Member Portal.

How to Register for the Member Portal

Follow these three easy steps to follow to get you started.

Step One: Complete your member registration page

Fill out basic information like your name and email. Set up your password.

Step Two: Check your email

We sent you a message with a link to complete your registration.

Step Three: Gather the rest of your information

You’ll need to provide us with your Member ID, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number to finish the process.

Once you finish these steps, you’ll be fully registered and ready to take full advantage of your new plan.

So what's next?

Glad you asked. View all these benefits and resources and start making the most of your plan today.

*Only on plans that indicate "+ Vision Exam"