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  • ICHRA Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements let employers fund an account for each employee.
  • Low Income SEP Plans for those who qualify as low-income individuals and families and qualify for a subsidy.
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Compare 2023 Individual Health Plans


Four insurance levels for people who buy their own health insurance

When you live on your own terms, every day feels like Friday. We make buying your own health insurance easy with quality benefits made for your own lifestyle and wallet. Many of our plans include:

  • Unlimited $0 primary care visits
  • Unlimited $0 mental health visits
  • $0 virtual doctor visits with Teladoc
  • No need to lock in a primary care doctor for referrals
  • $0 vision exam option available on most plans
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Pick a Plan That’s Right for Your Needs in 2023

Carla Carla, 26


My Safety net Plan

For people under 30 (including kids)

Carla is 26 and has a flair for creating remarkable food. She lives in the moment, and now that she’s also living on her own (and paying for her own insurance), she wants to know that she’s covered in case she gets really hurt or sick. She likes that she can see a doctor for $0 for medical stuff that comes up throughout the year. And she gets birth control for free too. 


Catastrophic Health Plan

  • 3 $0 primary care visits
  • $0 virtual doctor visits through Teladoc
  • Lowest monthly premium
  • $0 annual wellness visits

Mateo and Cassidy Mateo and Cassidy, mid-30s


Better Covered Than  Sorry Plan

Mateo and Cassidy are artists in their mid 30’s. Unlike their art, they are looking for health coverage that’s a bit more straightforward.  

They don’t mind the high deductible because it keeps their monthly payments low, and they get several medical benefits for $0 before they pay a dime toward their deductible. 


Bronze Health Plans

  • Unlimited $0 primary care visits*
  • Unlimited $0 mental health counseling*
  • $0 virtual doctor visits through Teladoc
  • Lower monthly premium/highest deductible
  • $0 annual wellness visits
  • Plans available with & without free vision exam*

    *Not on Bronze Basic or HSA plans

Family Sonia, 45


Health Plans With Many Silver Linings

Sonia is 45 and has three kids, with three different sets of weekly activities, and a lot on her plate. She’s choosing a Silver plan because it includes unlimited $0 primary care visits, $0 mental health visits, $0 virtual doctor visits and $0 generic drugs. She can rest easy knowing she won’t pay extra for her kids (or herself) to see the doctor for their common ear infections and bad scrapes, plus her regular prescription drugs. 


Silver Health Plans

  • Unlimited $0 primary care visits*     
  • Unlimited $0 mental health counseling*   
  • $0 virtual doctor visits through Teladoc   
  • Hundreds of $0 or low-cost generic drugs
  • Mid-level monthly premium/deductible
  • $0 annual wellness visit
  • Most plans available with & without free vision exam

    * Not on Silver HSA plan

persona fold Stefani, 52


My doc is my BFF Plan

Stefani owns her own bakery and is passionate about what she does. She has a few medical conditions she manages with regular doctor visits and prescription drugs. She’s choosing a Gold plan because she’s fine paying more for a plan with a low deductible and $0 generic drugs, plus she can see her primary care doctor and virtual doctor as often as she wants for $0.


Gold Health Plans

  • Unlimited $0 primary care visits
  • Unlimited $0 mental health counseling
  • $0 virtual doctor visits through Teladoc
  • Hundreds of $0 or low-cost generic drugs
  • Higher monthly premium/lowest deductible
  • $0 annual wellness visit
  • All plans available with & without free vision exam

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